Robyn's iPhoneography

Really fascinating article in this week’s @nymag. “The Google of Spit.” Uh… Google it? #justinstagrammedamagazinearticle #nothowinstagramworks
A belated #tbt to the glory days of We Blue Ourselves. @lu19red @lwodka @megmal06 @ceiliwhoisntoninstagram
Nothing like not being invited to the company-wide “All Hands” meeting to make you feel like you missed the rapture. I’mma sit in all y’all’s chairs!! #contractlife 👼
wow. such special. much value. wow. #doge
The #MLB At Bat app logo is just super cool. #negativespace ⚾️
Happy birthday to my friend baby! #latergram
And the best/worst part of all: a large-scale dollhouse made to match the very rooms we slept in. #wesandersonwouldbeproud
Also, there were creepy dolls everywhere. #wesandersonwouldbeproud
Last night I stayed in a house with ALL THE WALLPAPER. #wesandersonwouldbeproud
Did you know my mom has a side gig?
#colinquotes part 2
Step 1) Make an app. Step 2) ???? Step 3) Profit!! #colinquotes
Come on #spring, you can do it! 🌷
Cookie vs cupcake #identitycrisis.
Colin’s not the only one with quote game @scfan07